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North Shore Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Cornwall

Black Belt Nick Tiscoe runs North Shore Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Cornwall. Nick is a BJJ Black Belt under Kev Capel of Roger Gracie Academy and is a Shoyoroll ambassador.

North Shore Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is affiliated to Roger Gracie Academy in Buckinghamshire. We’re based in the tourist destination of Newquay, and our approach is to welcome people from all affiliations and backgrounds into our club in Cornwall.

Our BJJ lineage

Our BJJ lineage traces back to Rio de Janeiro. Carlos Gracie Senior awarded a black belt to his son Carlos Gracie Junior (Carlinhos). Carlinhos awarded the rank of black belt to his nephew Roger Gracie in 2004.  Roger Gracie is considered the greatest competitor of all time and chose to settle in London in his teens. Consequently Roger Gracie started training many UK based martial artists in BJJ. Kev Capel received his black belt from Roger Gracie in 2011. Kev Capel promoted Nick Tiscoe to the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Cornwall in 2018.

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Training at North Shore

Most of our training is in the kimono or Gi. All you need to bring is a clean kimono and a friendly attitude. If you don’t have a Gi for your first class we can lend you one. Get in touch if you are in town and wish to train. We have welcomed every level from beginner white belt to world class competitor. As a result we have picked up the ability to learn something from everyone.

Start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Cornwall with us today. Our students had the same start as you. Everyone walked through the door and as a result started their journey. You could be anywhere in ten years’ time. Why not be a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Cornwall.

A black belt is a white belt that never gave up!


BJJ, the gentle art, blending self defence with sport.


Don't fear those that do 1000 techniques, fear those that do 1 technique 1000 times.


While you rest, your enemy practices.

Jiu Jitsu


We welcome teams and individuals from all affiliations to come and enjoy a weekend of surfing and BJJ with us. Surfing is a great way to balance the body and cool down after a tough training session. Surfing and BJJ have enjoyed a long and colourful history with top competitors from both sports enjoying the crossover.