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Training in Rio

This week sees the departure of our gold medal-winning-heavy-weight-purple-belt Elliot (well for a month!). Elliot is heading off on a BJJ pilgrimage to the birthplace of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rio De Janeiro. Many practitioners choose to go on on this journey for lots of reasons including: improving your game, meeting new ...

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Kids Classes

We are pleased to announce the start of our kids BJJ classes on monday afternoons at 3.45pm. The classes will be taught by Coach Nick and Coach Amy, initially for ages 6-9 years. In the very near future we will be looking to start ages 10-13 and 14-17 years. Our kids ...

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Journey to Black Belt

Mike Bidwell has been a martial artist for many years. He was a brown belt since 2001. His path from brown to black belt was a path that took some twists and turns. He had gained some weight and really took a look at his life and made some major ...

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How To Counter The Stupidest Guard Break Ever

Stephan Kesting ( shows you how to stop those guys who think that opening your closed guard by grinding your inner thighs with their elbows is an effective technique. This way of opening a guard doesn’t work on anybody good… How To Counter The Stupidest Guard Break Ever: The Elbow Grind ...

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Fightworx Academy in Torquay

The guys at Fightworx Academy in Torquay have invited us to an event they are hosting. Here is the info from Vikki Todd ... "Seminar at Fightworx academy on Saturday 16th August with black belt Jack Sebastian Magee. 11-12 o clock JUNIORS 12-2 o clock ADULTS (followed by open mat for rolling) Only £10 ...

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Great Sunday Open Mat

Sorry not everyone got in the pic but we had a great Sunday open mat, thanks to all who came, especially black belt Darren Yeoman for sharing his wisdom! training on tomorrow at 6.30pm. Nice to have some visitors from out of town for a roll, good times! Time for a ...

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